The Swallowing Dark

Lizzie Nunnery
Season 14: 2017-2018
American Premiere

Liverpool has been home to Canaan and his young son for 5 years after fleeing Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime in Zimbabwe. They could now lose asylum as the choices Canaan made to stay alive are thrown under the harsh light of interrogation. Mythical stories of Zimbabwe blend into both the dreams and waking hours of Canaan and the officer assigned to re-evaluate his asylum status.

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Walter DeShields Headshot
Walter DeShields
Jessica M. Johnson
Jessica M. Johnson

Production Team

Director Claire Moyer
Production Manager Lauren Tracy, Flannel & Hammer
Stage Manager Alex Donnelly
Set Designer Meghan Jones
Lighting Designer Amanda Jensen
Sound Designer Elizabeth Atkinson
Costume Designer Natalia de la Torre
Properties Director Avista Custom Theatrical Services
Technical Director Joe Daniels, Flannel & Hammer
Dialect Coach Leonard Kelly
Dramaturg Alexandra King