The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Tim Price
Season 12: 2015-2016
American Premiere
Honorary Producer
Anne Vogelmann

“Do you have an attitude problem?” “Do you have a problem following orders?” In this wholly imagined version of the mind and life of Chelsea Manning, these are only some of the questions to be answered. Known to the world as Pfc. Brad-ley Manning in 2010, her leaks of classified information
to Wikileaks ignited a firestorm of much more crucial and challenging questions.


Trevor Fayle headshot
Trevor Fayle
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David Glover
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Campbell O'Hare
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David Pica
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Isa St. Clair
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Johnny Smith

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Production Manager Lauren Tracy
Stage Manager Elaina Di Monaco
Assistant Director and Assistant Stage Manager Paul Deichmann
Set Designer Meghan Jones
Technical Director Joe Daniels
Lighting Designer Shon Causer
Sound Designer Zack McKenna
Costume Designer Katherine Fritz
Movement Coordinator Melissa Krodman
Fight Choreographer David Glover
Video Designer Janelle Kauffman
Props Amand Hatch of Avista Custom Theatrical
Dramaturg Alix Rosenfeld
Dialect Coach Leonard Kelly