Pop-Up Play in a Pub: Fishskin Trousers

Elizabeth Kuti
Season 15: 2018–2019

Inis Nua brings you a short play and a terrific early night out, complete with beverage and Stargazy meat or veggie pie. 

Fishskin Trousers is a magical and haunting tale set by the sea in East Anglia. Linear time is reshaped as three people from three different eras become  entwined with a mysterious presence in the sea. Fable or fate? It becomes hard to untangle as the loss each of them carries becomes a part of the sea’s deep, unknowable story.


Tom Carmen Headshot
Tom Carmen
Hanna Gaffney headshot
Hanna Gaffney
Victoria Aaliyah Goins headshot
Victoria Aaliyah Goins

Production Team

Director Claire Moyer
Sound Design Meghan Reed
Costume Design Ariel Liudi Wang
Dialect Coach Leonard Kelly
Stage Manager Tydell Williams