Our Few and Evil Days

Mark O'Rowe
Season 14: 2017-2018
American Premiere
Honorary Producer
Anne and Michael Voglemann

Daughter brings home beau to meet the parents. It’s all so normal, but this perfect family photo is about to slip out of the frame. Elements of Gothic horror poke sharply into this story of unsettling domesticity as obsession, guilt and agony reveal devotion’s dark side.

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Nancy Boykin headshot
Nancy Boykin
Andrew Criss headshot
Andrew Criss
Amy Frear headshot
Amy Frear
Liam Mulshine headhsot
Liam Mulshine
Nicholas Roesler
Nicholas Roesler
Michael Wells
Michael Wells

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Set Designer Meghan Jones
Lighting Designer Andrew Cowles
Costume Designer Eleni Delopoulos
Sound Designer Daniel Ison
Props Designer Avista Custom Theatrical Services
Production Manager Lauren Tracy (Flannel and Hammer)
Stage Manager Melanie Reuter
Assistant Stage Manager Tydell Williams
Technical Director Joe Daniels (Flannel and Hammer)
Dramaturg Alix Rosenfeld