Love, Lies and Taxidermy

Alan Harris
Season 14: 2017-2018
American Premiere
Honorary Producer
Jake and Joe Marini

Valentyn can’t decide which is worse—the teenage anguish of his unfulfilled love for Ashley or the dire predicaments of both their parents. Throw in an ice cream truck, a possible soft core porn movie and some of the more bizarre uses of taxidermy for a funny and endearing picture of young love and middle-aged longing, brought to life in a claustrophobic small town in Wales.

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Francesca Piccioni headshot
Francesca Piccioni
Joey Teti headshot
Joey Teti
Seth Reichgott headshot
Seth Reichgott

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Set Designer Chris Haig
Lighting Designer Amanda Jenson
Costume Designer Eleni Delopoulos
Sound Designer Zachary McKenna
Props Designer Avista Custom Theatrical Services
Production Manager/Stage Manager Alex Donnelly
Technical Director Joe Daniels