Long Live the Little Knife

David Leddy
Season 11: 2014-2015
American Premiere

Long Live the Little Knife is a more absurdist take on the double-cross. It’s a fast-paced tale of swindling, dirty tricks and false identities. Husband and wife con artists set out to become the greatest art forgers in the world. What they gain—and what they lose—makes for a shocking, funny and oddly uplifting trip.



TIm Dugan headshot
Tim Dugan
Corinna Burns headshot
Corinna Burns

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Production Manager Lauren Tracy
Stage Manager Noah Levine
Set Designer Meghan Jones
Technical Director Robert J. Klimowski
Lighting Designer Andrew Cowles
Sound Designer Aaron Oster
Costume Designer Katherine Fritz
Dramaturg Claire Moyer