Leper + Chip

Lee Coffey
Season 13: 2016-2017
American Premiere
Honorary Producer
Louis Bluver

“Two star crossed lovers who knew each other but a day.” Boy (Leper) meets Girl (Chip) during a fight at a party. He’s out to get even the next day, but antagonism turns to love. Frantic and funny, Leper + Chip is a gritty, inner city Dublin odyssey of two lovers trying to get out.



Liam Mulshine headshot
Liam Mulshine
Katie Stahl headshot
Katie Stahl

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Production Manager Lauren Tracy
Stage Manager Lisa Sullivan
Scenic Designer Meghan Jones
Lighting Designer Shon Causer
Sound Designer Zachary McKenna
Costume Designer Rebecca Kanach
Technical Director Joseph Daniels
Dialect Coach Leonard Kelly