Dublin By Lamplight (Drexel Revival)

Michael West
Season 13: 2016-2017

Drexel University’s MPiRP and Inis Nua Theatre Company present Dublin by Lamplight by Michael West. Come back to Dublin, 1904, as the Irish National Theatre of Ireland is ready to burst into life in a city teeming with poverty and political unrest. Using commedia dell’arte stylings and Story-tellers theatre, this glorious play was a breakout hit for Inis Nua in 2011. The Mandell Professionals in Residence Project (MPiRP) is supported in part by a grant from the Samuel P. Mandell Foundation.





Rachel Brodeur headshot
Rachel Brodeur
Mike Dees headshot
Mike Dees
Jacob Kemp headshot
Jacob Kemp
John Lionarons headshot
John Lionarons
Marlyn Logue headshot
Marlyn Logue
Drew Sipos headshot
Drew Sipos
Joey Teti headshot
Joey Teti

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Production Manager Paul Jerue
Stage Manager Charles Fraser
Assistant Stage Manager Allison Janse
Assistant Stage Manager Heather Reese
Scenic Designer Meghan Jones
Lighting Designer Andrew Cowles
Composer John Lionarons
Costume Designer Maggie Baker
Dramaturg Alix Rosenfeld
Artistic Director Nick Anselmo
Co-Op General Manager Greg St. Germain
Mandell Shop Foreman Joe Daniels
Mandell Technical Director Mark Andrews
Scenic Painter Amanda Hatch
Costume Shop Manager Jill Keys
Master Electrician Jordan Petrellis
Assistant Master Electrician Yoni Carver
Audio Supervisor Alex Bock
Audio Engineer Jessica Heintz
Make Up/Dresser Juliana Kutruff
Make Up/Dresser Abby Toll
Light Board Op/Programmer Rachel Brodrecht
Sound Board Mixer Justin Roszko
Props/Paint Assistant Katherine Coleby
Scenic Carpenter Kevin Hoover
Assistant Costume Designer Cindi Landmesser