Box Clever

Monsay Whitney
Season 15: 2018–2019
American Premiere
Honorary Producer
John Cappiello, Bryan Dilworth, Jason Evenchik & Patrick Iselin

In a women’s shelter in London, Marnie is doing her best to care for her four-year-old daughter. But it would be a lot easier if she had the support of her case workers, or could finally ditch the three useless ex-boyfriends that keep hanging around her. Mouthy, headstrong and maybe just a tad crazy, Marnie is going to prove to everyone that she’s a competent mother. Because she is…isn’t she? She is, it is just the system has failed her.

*While this play has moments of levity, it does tackle some difficult issues including intimate partner violence and sexual abuse. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Rachel Brodeur
Rachel Brodeur
Ruby Wolf
Ruby Wolf

Production Team

Director Tom Reing
Scenic Designer Meghan Jones
Lighting Designer Andrew Cowles
Costume Designer Katie Yamaguchi
Sound Designer Daniel Ison
Properties Designer Avista Custom Theatrical Services, LLC
Production Manager Lauren Tracy (Flannel and Hammer)
Stage Manager Abby Toll
Technical Director Joe Daniels (Flannel and Hammer)
Dramaturg Ali Roxsenfeld